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Welcome To Strike Fighters: ADF - the complete flight simulation for the Australian Defence Forces.

Here you will find links to Australian mods for the Strike Fighters series of flight simulators by Third Wire (see www.ThirdWire.com for more info on the series). Most of these mods are hosted by my good friends at CombatACE (www.CombatACE.com). CombatACE also host a files for a range of other sims. Visit them for all you flight sim needs!

Strike Fighters is a lite flight simulator. That means that you won't need to go through complete checklists to fly and fight! That's not to say it's an arcade game - the flight models are amongst the best in the business, and the weapons are modelled on real life parameters. One thing to take note of: the USAF has commissioned it's own flight sim USAF:Air Dominance for use as a recruiting tool. It uses the Strike Fighters engine as it's base. You can't get a better reference for a flight sim than the USAF!

So what will you find at this site? You'll find links to current and past aircraft and other machines, such as ships, vehicles etc for the three Australian services:

Royal Australian Air Force

Australian Army Aviation

Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm

You'll be able to fly everything from a Spitfire to a Hornet, from a Huey to a Tiger, and from a Sea Fury to a Seahawk. There is also history on the Services, and their featured equipment, so hopefully your visit will also be educational!

To use these mods you'll need one of the ThirdWire flight simulators:

Strike Fighters: Project One

Wings Over Vietnam

Wings Over Europe

or the newly released First Eagles - The Great War 1918.

Strike Fighters Series has recently been updated with a new Service Pack (Number 5), so the quicker you start your Strike Fighters experience the better!

And further exciting news! An ADF mod is under development Strike Fighters: ADF - Timor Sea! This mod will feature an air/ground/sea war which takes place in and around East Timor.

Latest Official News: A new flight sim from ThirdWire has been released! First Eagles, The Great War:1918,   focuses on, as the name suggests, air combat in the First World War. The Australian Flying Corps is one of the available services, so expect Aussie mods for the sim soon.   You can find out more information, and screenshots, at the official ThirdWire Forums:

Official ThirdWire Forums


Latest mod: Available now  Grumman S-2 Tracker!!

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See the RAN Historical Ships & Aircraft Page for more details.